A Southern California native, I’ve been in west-central Illinois since early 2012, after spending a year in the breathtaking mountains of NW Montana. This Southern California beach girl is slowly adapting, but the mid-west culture shock still remains! I have worked with Irish actress Roma Downey since 1999, creating and maintaining her official website, Facebook, fan relations, and assisting with various other projects as needed. I’m a professional genealogist and excellent researcher. I find it thrilling climbing family trees…It’s like being a detective; always on the look-out for new clues. An avid belly dancer – the moves, the music, the history behind the dance – all form an apex centered in all things feminine and sacred. It’s not only a fun form of exercise, but a dance for women of all sizes, shapes and age. It is ‘our’ dance, for the maiden, mother and wise woman in each of us! I have practiced spiritual dance – praying through movement – in the past. My favorite place to draw near to my God was on the sands of the beach with the mighty waves crashing against the shore. Now that I no longer live near the ocean, I have yet to find my ‘special spiritual place’ here in farm country…yet, but I may find it in visiting the nearby rivers and lakes. I was a Deaf Studies major in college and am fluent in American Sign Language. God does truly work in mysterious ways, I had no idea I would actually need my ASL communication skills myself a decade later! I am LD and a proud ASL user. I find I straddle two fences being LD. Most people don’t notice, or maybe I’m deluding myself! lol

I continue to act as an advocate for those with service animals of all kinds including ESA service animals with landlords that refuse to follow the laws (I’ve encountered this personally myself). I can be vocal at times and strive to make all aware (when required) of the ADA and other laws protecting the rights of all individuals. I adore my kitty who, besides being spoiled rotten, is an ESA . I have done a great deal of research on the therapeutic uses of animals: service animals, pets, companions, Pet Therapy and Animal Assisted Activities. I am a closet actress and like to dress up at Halloween and for Renaissance Faires in full costume. I also enjoy attending Mass, singing (although I can’t hear myself singing as well as when I was hearing, and this first soprano may be bit off key now, but I did take lessons and play the piano as a child and teen and I read notes, so I know in my head what each note sounds like. I just sing on and don’t care what anyone thinks 😉 ) reading, surfing the net, playing WOW, taking walking tours of the city I live in; with my digital camera in tow! I’m a cinephile. I enjoy some TV shows, but usually prefer movies. Peace. Ha det! Tschüß!


3 Responses to About

  1. Adam Martinez says:

    Hi Lady Anna. I enjoyed reading your blog. You are articulate and your story flows smoothly. I’m looking forward to learning more from you.

  2. Amy DeBernardis says:

    I just want to say that I too have the same traits as you. I taught myself sign language at age 18 and took various classes. Of course I am a not a certified interpreter. I too continue to advocate for people with Special abilities and also for Fragile X syndrome –as a self advocate. I am involved in Special Olympics in Bozeman,Mt for the past 17 years and also a global messenger. I play the piano, have my black belt in takewondo (a martial art)-hope to make it a future event for Special Olympics. I also want to say that in regards to the series Touch by an Angel-which I loved that show. I took the time to come up with my own creative stories that are different from the show. Thank you.

  3. Amy DeBernardis says:

    I just want to say Lady Anna. I have the same interests as you.

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